This is the professional homepage of Arash Abadpour.

I finished my Ph.D. at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Manitoba, under the supervision of Professor Attahiru S. Alfa. I currently work in the Imaging Group at Epson Edge, Epson Canada Limited, as a Researcher. I have previously worked as a Researcher for TRLabs, Winnipeg. I can be reached at the phone number +1 647 567 3487 or through the email address arash@abadpour.com.

I am enthusiastic about things that survive. It could be a living organism which evolves and adapts to the changing environment or an algorithm that is robust against noise and the unknown. I have a Ph,D. in electrical engineering, and I have indeed worked as an electrical engineer, but the best thing that I am capable of doing, and love doing, is designing algorithms which very distantly resemble human cognition, especially in the field of vision and visual perception. I like reading books and watching films and writing code and interacting with human beings. Work needs to be more than merely a survival mechanism. I have managed to make it be that way.

You can download my complete CV in pdf format or visit this page to download my academic papers. A long version of my CV can be found here.


  • November 2014 – This website is overhauled.
  • April 2014, New Paper – Arash Abadpour, “On applications of pyramid doubly joint bilateral filtering in dense disparity propagation”, 3D Research, Volume 5, Number 2, April 2014, Pages 1-20 (url, pdf).

Last update: November 2014